VistaPack 2.1

29 12 2007

Ho provato anche questo tool per trasformare graficamente Windows XP in Windows Vista e devo dire che è molto semplice, senza fronzoli o software inutili, ma rende bene per cui lo consiglio:


Vistapack description
Give your 2000/XP operating system the cool look of Microsoft Windows Vista

Vistapack takes the file from the host, backs it up, modifies a sample and puts the modified file back in the system.

This ensures that you are using the latest files so no need for alerts like “Now I am using an old file, what if it’s updated by Microsoft? Then I will be open for attack…”. Nope, no need to worry. You keep the updated file.

The pack uses ResHacker to change icons, bitmaps and some dialogs, to make it look like the new Microsoft Windows Vista!

It’s rather safe in my opinion, but of course there are some risks when you modify system files. This is at your own risk!!!

But no need to worry, there are few bugs that cause your pc not to boot or something. Personally i did not had that happening here. Of course, when you don’t like it, you can uninstall the pack like any other software.

What’s New in This Release:

· First ever release with my own installer. Much cleaner and easier installer.
· Pack is split up in a 2000 and XP version.
· Changed some icons in the compstui.dll file, much better looking now.
· Remade the toolbar in the ieaksie.dll file.
· Added the toolbar bmp’s to msconfig.exe.
· Added the toolbar bmp’s to comctl32.dll.
· Added an avi to the compatui.dll.
· Added 3 icons to the ntshrui.dll.
· Added some icons to the wucltui.dll.
· Fixed the green borders on the bmp’s in els.dll.
· Took out the custom runbox, people were not pleased with it….








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