Miro 1.2

25 03 2008

We’ve just released a major update to Miro, version 1.2.

Grab it now: Download Miro

This version adds lots of tweaks and bug fixes that make Miro smoother and slicker. It also lays the groundwork for some big improvements that are coming soon. Version 1.2 is the best Miro yet.

Some of What’s New in Miro 1.2

  • On Windows and Linux, we updated to XULRunner 1.9, which brings memory and performance improvements.
  • We’ve added a much-requested preference to set new channels to not auto-download.
  • New preferences for tweaking number of simultaneous auto-downloads and torrent seeding.
  • Important re-architecting of the frontend and backend code.
  • Lots of bug fixes and tweaks.
  • On OSX, we updated to Perian 1.1.
  • On Windows, the Miro installer is now much simpler and prettier.
  • Improved support for Flash in Channel Guide pages.
  • Improved translations for dozens of languages.
  • All of what’s new in Miro 1.2

What’s New in the Miro Guide

The Miro Guide is an integral part of the Miro experience. The Guide has had a couple big updates since the last release of Miro.

  • Personalized Recommendations: rate channels and get personal recommendations of other channels you’d like. It works great!
  • ‘Archival’ indicator: when a channel hasn’t updated in a few months, we mark it as ‘Archival’ so you’ll know that it’s getting a little stale.
  • The channel display page has been totally re-designed.
  • Nearly 4,000 channels now available!
  • Miro Feature List




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