Incredibile ! Mangia 5,4 Kg di satay chicken in 12 minuti !! (video)

29 07 2008

Satay proves tricky for world’s best competitive eaters
By Margaret Perry, Channel NewsAsia | Posted: 28 July 2008 0004 hrs

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Takeru Kobayashi (L) and Joey Chestnut

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Satay proves tricky for world’s best competitive eaters

SINGAPORE: Competitive eating took on an Asian flavour on Sunday at the world’s first Major League Eating Asia competition – with huge servings of otah, curry puffs and satay.

It did not take Japan’s Takeru Kobayashi long to get in the swing – perfecting his technique of swallowing without chewing. His American opponent, Joey Chestnut, who was the winner of the Major League Eating, just could not catch up with him.

In the end, Kobayashi wolfed down 5.419 kilogrammes of satay in 12 minutes, while Chestnut ate 4.08 kilogrammes of satay.

“I had just competed in a big tournament three weeks ago so my stomach capacity was enlarged already. It was just about getting used to the satay and understanding what it was,” Kobayashi said, after winning the competition.

“It was a different texture from what I’m used to. I’ve never eaten chicken in that fashion with that sauce. It was very aromatic and I should have been able to do better, but he just came out really hungry and he ate better than me today,” Chestnut quipped.

Despite Singaporeans’ love for food, it seems the nation has got a long way to go before it reaches the top of the international competitive eating game.

However, coaching clinics are being set up for finalists from this year’s event so that when the competition returns next year, they will be able to pit their skills against the world’s best.

– CNA/so





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