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28 08 2008

Join the “Brotherhood” with a free download…

Yesterday at 4:42am

Greetings chemical brothers and sisters,

Behold! It’s countdown time to the release of The Chemical Brothers new best of compilation “Brotherhood”. Sept 1st (2nd in the US) is the big day and you’ll be able to pick up both the regular and limited editions at your favorite store, whether it be on your rockin block or on your computer…

The special edition boasts a bonus album of the complete collection of the band’s legendary “Electronic Battle Weapon” 1-10 series. Up until now, only djs and collectors had a glimpse into these pre album 12″ gems that have proceeded each Chems release. Now you can own these dancefloor salvos for yourself.

And of course the regular edition includes all the greats plus two new Chemical tunes – “Midnight Madness” and “Keep My Composure” (featuring Spank Rock).


Is there a better way to get you excited about the new release than to give you an exclusive free download? We don’t think so either, so go here to download your exclusive free download of ‘Hey Boy Hey Girl (Soulwax 2ManyDJ’s Remix):


Don’t forget to submit your ‘Midnight Madness’ clips to be part of the Google Earth video. Closing date for submissions has been extended to this Friday 29th August so get with it people.

If you’re late to this competition, basically you can use the link below to go and easily upload a short video. The best of these will be turned into a new video for “Midnight Madness”! Don’t forget about the theme of ‘Midnight Madness” and start uploading.

Go here and upload:

And of course the delightful “Midnight Madness” video and single are now available everywhere.


They’re coming back! The Chemical Brothers are playing a one off, free DJ gig at the Forever Heavenly Festival.

They will be taking over the lobby of the Royal Festival Hall for one night only, playing a very special one off DJ set in the company of their old friends at Heavenly Recordings.

This gig is ticketed but is entirely free. It will be legendary. Needless to say, you need to be there! Some tickets have been made available for you ahead of everyone else.

All you have to do is call 0871 663 2500 and give the password “Brotherhood.

That’s all for now on Planet Chemical.

See you at the Olympia gig on Saturday…

Love from the brothers,

ek nyc



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