Un kernel ottimizzato per eeePC

18 11 2008

Dal Canada arriva Adam McDaniel, un ottimo sviluppatore che ha ottimizzato il kernel di Ubuntu per dare il meglio sui netbook eeePC di casa Asus. Da installare assolutamente !

Hello fellow EeePC owner! Welcome to my repository.

Within this site you find a selection of customized EeePC kernel packages and support utilities designed specifically for Ubuntu Linux and your EeePC.

Ubuntu itself does not presently have full support for the EeePC out-of-the-box. My kernel packages will deliver for you a Linux kernel with full wired, wireless, webcam, and sound card support via the latest drivers from various third parties, plus a few more extra optimizations.

Please note, if you have already installed Ubuntu-Eee v8.04.1 or Eeebuntu 1.0, you already have my kernel and you’re linked into the repository! You don’t need to do anything else!

If you’re running vanilla Ubuntu v8.04 or v8.10 (including variants Kubuntu, Xubuntu, gOS, etc) then you can directly benefit from this custom kernel. Please proceed to the setup instructions. (If you’re still running the Xandros install that came with your EeePC, or you use Windows XP or another non-Ubuntu variant of Linux, I cannot help you. You’ll need to install Ubuntu first.)


Adam McDaniel
Red Deer, Alberta, Canada

Ecco il link per procurarsi i kernel ottimizzati per le varie versioni di Ubuntu




2 responses

4 02 2009

Grazie per l’ottimo suggerimento!

6 02 2009
Lorenzo Zanirato

prego !


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