Rilasciato Osiris 0.12 !!!

13 01 2009

The Osiris Team is happy to announce a new version of Osiris.
Osiris 0.12 gives many new improvements over every features: security, speed, stability and moreover this is the first Osiris version that introduce a native support of GNU/Linux.

Osiris is a freeware software made to build completely shared portals through p2p ( serverless ) and the new version 0.12 add the gateway Isis feature that gives the read-only access, to all content available on the Osiris p2p network with just a common web browser.

The software doesn’t need any other pre-installed component to work, and it is distributed as installable software or portable, it’s useful for external hardware.

You can download Osiris from the download-page ( eDonkey & Torrent links available )

To register to a portal it’s needed only to click on invite-link, or copy and paste the link into the browser. It’s available a dedicated forum to spread invite links, here you will find and publish link to portals made by the community.

To surf portals where you have been registered, by running Osiris, click on the right arrow-button: you will see the main page showing all your subscriptions.

To made new portals is available a Video Tutorial that shows how to made a new one, manage contempt and publish it on the dedicated forum.

We kindly ask to report any problems on the official forum.

A special thanks is given ( as usual smile.gif ) to all the support team for the contribution to the release of this version, thanks!

Click here for the forum discussion



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13 01 2009
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