I 10 posti nel mondo in cui vorrei andare #10

23 06 2011

Inauguro con questo una serie di articoli su luoghi del mondo che vorrei visitare prima o poi.

Al decimo posto della mia virtuale Top10 metto la Polinesia

Per molti la Polinesia andrebbe messa tra le prime 3, ma per me, non propriamente un amante del dolce far niente, ci sono altre priorità turistiche in programma. E’ evidente, però, che se penso ad una vacanza da sogno “al mare”, allora penso alla Polinesia, possibilmente in barca a vela o trimarano… Bora Bora, Tuamotu, Rangiroa, Samoa, Tonga, le isole Marchesi, le Gambier, Hawaii e Rapa Nui…

…e l’isola di Lost ! 😉

Alla prossima puntata per la numero 9


List aggiornata di server emule (ma chi lo usa piu’ ?)

4 03 2011

lista server emule Server Emule Lista Aggiornata Marzo 2011

Elenco la lista aggiornata server eMule (clicca sul link per aggiungere il server eMule in automatico su eMule):

1212.63.206.35:4242 – eDonkeyServer No2 – Master Server 1

395.211.73.65:6348 – eMule Security

495.211.78.232:9715 – eMule Security

583.233.30.128:4500 – Master Server 2

6193.169.86.73:4184 – TV Underground No1

7193.169.87.52:4184 – TV Underground No2

888.191.228.66:7111 – PeerBooter

988.191.81.111:7111 – PEERATES.NET

1088.80.28.48:4321 – !-= Porn Pit =-!

11. – Master Server 7

12. – Share Islands

13. – Emule server No1

14. – BinVerse.biz

15. – VeryCD eDonkey Server

E’ anche possibile aggiornare i server mediante file met, per farlo vi basterà andare alla voce “Server” nel menu prefereze di eMule, mettere il segno di spunta alla voce “Aggiorna la lista server all’avvio”, cliccare sul pulsante Lista e inserire uno di questi indirizzi per aggiornare la lista server rapidamente:

1. http://upd.emule-security.net/server.met

2. http://www.peerates.net/servers.php

3. http://update.adunanza.net/servers.met

4. http://met.syltonline.de/server.met

5. http://peerates.net/servers.php

6. http://upd.emule-security.net/server.met

7. http://www.server-met.de/dl.php?load=gz&trace=33357819.4167

8. http://www.server-met.de/dl.php?load=gz&

9. http://servermet.altervista.org/emule.it_sett_server.met

10. http://www.linuxpourtous.com/server.met

I 20 migliori siti torrent aggiornati a Giugno 2009 (piu’ alcune segnalazioni speciali)

24 06 2009

Fonte | NetForBeginners

  1. Isohunt.com In a shocking turn of the tables this September, the Isohunt webmaster is counter-suing the Canadian music industry. He is claiming that previous copyright violation suits against him were unfounded, and that he is entitled to have his legal expenses recovered. Read the entire story at http://www.isohunt.com.
  2. The Pirate Bay

  3. Demonoid.com is back online! After legal conflicts in April of 2008, they have reestablished themselves outside of the USA. Demonoid is still a private community, and members are held liable for any leeching that their invited friends do in this community. If you are lucky enough to get a Demonoid membership, invite your friends carefully, lest you lose your own membership.
  4. Torrentz.com (special thanks to reader, Jonathan R., for this link)
  5. Bitsoup Bitsoup is a growing favorite amongst P2P downloaders.
  6. BiteNova (formerly known as “Bi-Torrents”, BiteNova is a free Torrent site with a spartan look and fast searching format.)
  7. Torrentmatrix.com
  8. Torrentscan.com (a “meta-search” engine, which is a search engine that searches other search engines)
  9. Torrentportal.com
  10. Torrents.to
  11. Mininova.org Mininova is the successor to Suprnova, one of the original big torrent databases of the Web.
  12. YouTorrent.com Still in beta testing format, this new torrent site claims to be the largest legal torrent search engine today. Accordingly, the result sets are much smaller than the “pirate” counterparts, but definitely try this site for yourself.
  13. Torrentbox.com FYI: like Isohunt, Torrentbox is being sued by the MPAA as of February 28, 2006. The days for this fine search engine may be numbered.
  14. FileMP3.org
  15. BTjunkie
  16. Torrentreactor.to (Torrentreactor has made a comeback from a hijacking and an uncooperative hosting service. They have moved to a different server setup and a Tonga country domain outside the USA. Read the details on their home page.)
  17. TorrentTyphoon.com (this database is up for sale, if anyone is interested in running a torrent service)
  18. Yotoshi.com
  19. Torrentspy.com March 24, 2008: Torrentspy has voluntarily closed its doors. Instead of conforming to the American court mandates to change their privacy policies, the Torrentspy team has opted instead to cease operations. A sad day for downloaders everywhere.
  20. Snarf It! (currently offline finding a new home)

Segnalazioni speciali:

Reader suggestion: flixflux.co.uk

Reader suggestion: torrentengine.co.cc

Special mention: Torrents.to (An improved and relaunched torrent search engine worth visiting. Special thanks to Pok for this submission.)

Special mention: Gpirate.com (A newer torrent search engine that several readers are very fond of.)

Special mention: ipTorrents.com (Recommended by several About.com readers)

Special mention: TuxDistro.com (For legal linux torrents and virtual machines.)

Special mention: NowTorrents.com (A clean and fast user interface, and some great cross-reference linking helps you browse books and other media related to your movies.)

Special mention: ShareTV.org (ShareTV is dedicated to sharing television episodes and entire TV series. Find “24”, “Heroes”, and “Lost” episodes here. Special thanks to Chris R. for telling us about his web site.)

Special mention: Torrent-Finder.com (This site has been submitted recently by three readers as their personal favorite torrent search engine. It “meta-searches” 159 torrent sites as of this writing. Special thanks to Dina, Suresh, and ChaOSthEory for this submission.)

Interessante ! Italiano al 4

3 02 2009

Where in the world is WordPress.com used?
We host WordPress blogs written in over 120 languages. Below is a break down of the top 20 languages – even though English is the biggest, we’re seeing some of the fastest growth in non-English speaking places (Indonesia, Germany, France, Turkey, etc):

English: 69%
Spanish: 10%
Portuguese: 6.6%
Italian: 2.4%
Turkish: 1.5%
German: 1.4%
Indonesian: 1.4%
Swedish: 0.9%
Farsi: 0.8%
Romanian: 0.8%
Dutch: 0.5%
Vietnamese: 0.5%
Polish: 0.4%
Greek: 0.4%
Arabic: 0.3%
Finnish: 0.2%
Norwegian: 0.2%
Thai: 0.1%

Last.fm stila la classifica musicale dell’anno

7 01 2009

Se c’è qualcuno che può conoscere i gusti musicali degli utenti della rete, quello è senza dubbio Last.fm.

Il portale “web 2.0” ha recentemente pubblicato una classifica della musica più ascoltata dai propri utenti, ovvero quei 25 milioni di utenti che hanno installato sui propri computer l’omonimo programma che consente agli audiofili di condividere e ottenere suggerimenti basati sui propri gusti.

Tre sono le “chart” proposte dal sito: gli artisti debuttanti più apprezzati, gli album dell’anno, le singole tracce rilasciate durante il 2008 riprodotte più volte.

Per quanto riguarda gli artisti debuttanti, sono gli MGMT al top della classifica, affiancati sul podio da The Ting Tings e Sara Bareilles.

Sono invece i Cold Play con Viva La Vida a raggiungere il primo posto nella classifica dedicata agli album, seguiti da Oracular Spectacular dei MGMT e quindi da Third, realizzato dai Portishead.

Ma è forse quella relativa alle singole tracce riprodotte la graduatoria più interessante. I Cold Play spadroneggiano, guadagnano ben 6 posizioni fra le prime 10. I MGMT ne guadagnano altre 3, lasciando il singolo posto vacante all’orecchiabilissima I Kissed a Girl di Katy Perry.

Fonte | MegaLab

I 10 migliori siti torrent del 2008

28 12 2008

The list is based on traffic rank reports from Compete and Alexa, backed up by visitor reports from some of the site admins.

1. The Pirate Bay

It has been a good year for The Pirate Bay. The number of visitors spiked, despite efforts in Denmark and Italy to block access the site. Last month, The site celebrated its 5th anniversary, just after it broke the 25 million peers mark. At any given point in time, more than 25 million peers actively trade files thought the Pirate Bay tracker.

Compete rank 885 / Alexa rank 117 / 2007 #3

2. Mininova

Mininova has seen a steady rise in visitors in 2008, and more than 3 billion torrents were downloaded from the site in the past 12 months. In addition to user uploaded content, the Mininova team has started to focus more on premium publishers with their content distribution platform.

Compete rank 1,225 / Alexa rank 79 / 2007 #1

3. IsoHunt

Despite being ensnared in legal proceedings with the MPAA and CRIA, isoHunt is continuing to grow. This year they partnered with the Creative Commons music distribution site Jamendo, and just like The Pirate Bay, isoHunt added SSL encryption to the site, making it impossible for your ISP or the authorities to monitor users’ activities.

Compete rank 1,106 / Alexa rank 200 / 2007 #2

4. Torrentz

Torrentz.com, one of the oldest torrent sites around, celebrated its 5th anniversary in July. The site added a “verified torrents” feature this year, and inspired many other meta-search engines to do the same. Last month a “hacker” caused some problems after it took over the torrentz domain, but luckily this issue was resolved in a few hours.

Compete rank 2,039 / Alexa rank 220 / 2007 #4

5. TorrentReactor

TorrentReactor redesigned and optimized the site throughout 2008, which resulted in a significant increase in visitors. In addition, the TorrentReactor launched TorrentPrivacy, a service that allows BitTorrent users to download torrents anonymously.

Compete rank 2,150 / Alexa rank 532 / 2007 #9

6. Demonoid

After being forced to go offline following threats from the CRIA, Demonoid returned this April after 6 months of downtime. Since then it is business as usual, and most of the members returned quickly.

Compete rank 3,869 / Alexa rank 526 / 2007 #na

7. BTjunkie

In December 2007 BTjunkie was forced to leave their ISP following a takedown notice from the Dutch anti-piracy outfit BREIN. This year there were no troubles, and the site continues to go strong.

Compete rank 3,762 / Alexa rank 625 / 2007 #5

9. SumoTorrent

In 2007, SumoTorrent quickly settled itself among the top torrent sites, and traffic continued to increase this year. The pop-ups and redirects are new though, and don’t make it one of the most convenient sites to browse.

Compete rank 4,110 / Alexa rank 1,019 / 2007 #na

9. BTmon

BitTorrentMonster, BTmon for short, debuted in 10th place last year, and managed to climb a spot. Other than that, there is not much news surrounding the site.

Compete rank 4,737 / Alexa rank 989 / 2007 #10

10. TorrentPortal

Not much news about TorrentPortal this year either, but for BitTorrent sites that is usually a good thing. Traffic seems to be stable, although the site is not growing as fast as the other BitTorrent sites in this list.

Compete rank 4,300 / Alexa rank 1,126 / 2007 #7

Honorable mention: TorrentSpy

In 2006 TorrentSpy was more popular than any other BitTorrent site, but this changed quickly in August 2007, when a federal judge ordered TorrentSpy to log all user data. The judge ruled that TorrentSpy had to monitor its users in order to create detailed logs of their activities, and hand these over to the MPAA.

In a response to this decision – and to ensure the privacy of their users – TorrentSpy decided that it was best to block access to all users from the US. This led to a huge decrease in traffic, but still, it managed to make out top 10 list last year. March 2008 TorrentSpy owner Justin decided to shut down completely, and in May his company was ordered to pay a $110 million fine, which it will appeal.

Fonte | TorrentFreak

Mi sono perso qualcosa ?

9 12 2008


(not con piacere l’ottima posizione della mia Rovigo. E ancora maggiore soddisfazione mi da’ vedere l’odiosa Frara 10 posizioni piu’ in basso.. 🙂 )


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