Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 4.2 Final Portable

3 10 2012
Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 4.2 Final Portable | 321.9 MB

Adobe® Photoshop® Lightroom® 4 software provides a comprehensive set of digital photography tools, from powerfully simple one-click adjustments to cutting-edge advanced controls. Create images that inspire, inform, and delight.

Top features

Highlight and shadow recovery
Bring out all the detail that your camera captures in dark shadows and bright highlights. Now you have more power than ever before to create great images in challenging light.

Photo book creation
Create beautiful photo books from your images with a variety of easy-to-use templates included in Lightroom. Upload your book for printing with just a few clicks. Receive 20% off from Blurb on your first book created using Lightroom 4 software.*

Location-based organization
Find and group images by location, easily assign locations to images, or plot a photo journey. Automatically display location data from GPS-enabled cameras and camera phones.

Extended video support
Organize, view, and make adjustments to video clips. Play and trim clips, extract still images from them, or adjust clips with the Quick Develop tool.


Windows MicroXP 2011 Portable

15 04 2011
Windows MicroXP 2011 Portable

by lucky38


Una delle più piccole distribuzioni di Windows XP SP3. Puoi usare il 99% dei programmi esistenti e finora nessuno ha riportato giochi non funzionanti in MicroXP.
Un singolo click apre questa versione di Windows indipendente dal sistema operativo ospitante che consente di navigare in sicurezza, testare applicazioni prima di installarle nel S.O. “ufficiale”, verificare la presenza di virus in un ambiente isolato ecc.

Ottimo, e’ sufficiente il doppio click del mouse sull’eseguibile per avviarlo; velocissimo, in pochi secondi il sistema virtualizzato e’ operativo in una finestra senza l’ausilio di software di virtualizzazione tipo VMware ne tantomeno fantomatici player. Si e’ subito connessi alla rete se la macchina ospitante e’ connessa (testata connessione in wireless, con modem usb e chiavetta usb umts). Ottimo per testare software ma anche per quei software non compatibili con Win7, senza la necessita’ di installare WindowsXP su un’altra partizione, insomma pronto all’uso!

Calcolando che sono riuscito a farlo girare in questa macchina…
user posted image
…consiglio comunque almeno 512 MB di ram se no si perde la pazienza ad avviare i software nel sistema portable lol.gif

This has to be one of the smallest Windows XP installations out there. Whats more – you can use 99% of the programs you always use and up to now there is not one single report of any game not working in MicroXP.

This install includes default XP drivers for Ethernet/Sound/SCSI/RAID
It has all languages kept, except Chinese/Japanese/Korean.
It has all keyboard layout choices kept.
It also has Service Pack 3 final slipstreamed into it.
LAN Networking is now possible – Use Map Network Drive and just put the computer name of the computer you want to network with.
Digital Cameras and Scanners can also now be used.
Opera 2011 included with FTP and Email capabilities.
CCleaner for HDD & Registry cleaning procedures and Privacy.
NOD32 On-Demand Scanner.


user posted image

user posted image

user posted image

:::->Scheda tecnica del Software<-:::

Dimensione: 216 MB compresso, estratto 563 MB
Lingua: Inglese
Versione: 2011
Genere: Sistema operativo virtualizzato portabile con QEMU
Anno di uscita: Gennaio 2011
Requisiti del Sistema: Tutti i sistemi operativi compreso Win7 X64
Prezzo: se il creatore non chiede nulla…
Info Installazione: Decomprimere i file (2 parti rar) ed eseguire l’icona WindowsXP.exe



Download (torrent)

Portable Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 3.3 Multilingual 32-64 bit | Win

14 12 2010
Lightroom on USB key
Portable Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 3.3 Multilingual 32-64 bit | Win | 18 MB

Professional photographer’s essential toolbox without installation.
English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Korean, Dutch, Portuguese, Swedish, SimpChinese, TradChinese.

Extract and run LightroomPortable.
Select or create a catalog on startup.
Check only your device in Camera Profiles Installer.
Settings of installed Lightroom should be preserved.

Adobe InDesign CS5 Portable

27 11 2010


Adobe InDesign CS5 v7.0.3.535 Portable | 140 Mb

Adobe InDesign CS5 software provides precise control over typography and built-in creative tools for designing, preflighting, and publishing documents for print, online, or to mobile devices. Include interactivity, animation, video, and sound in page layouts to fully engage readers.

Cross-media publishing
Create sophisticated page layouts for print publishing; interactive PDF documents that include video and sound; or engaging SWF documents complete with interactivity, animation, sound, and video for playback in the Adobe Flash Player runtime.

Integration with Adobe CS Live online services
Speed up reviews of page layouts using Adobe CS Review, included in new Adobe CS Live online services. CS Live services are complimentary for a limited time.

Integration with Adobe design, web, and digital reading applications
Move projects smoothly from design to print or digital output, thanks to tight integration with industry-leading Adobe solutions such as Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Acrobat, Flash Professional, and Digital Editions software.

Productivity tools
Produce sophisticated page layouts using customer-inspired productivity features such as smart guides, rapid table creation, multiple-file placement, the ability to create pages of different sizes in a single file, and streamlined object selection and editing.

Robust text composition
Create beautiful, sophisticated text for virtually any medium with professional typography features including styles, text wrap, the Paragraph Composer, OpenType support, and drop caps. Include headlines that span or split columns without a separate text frame.

Built-in creative tools
Explore creative possibilities directly within Adobe InDesign CS5 using integrated drawing tools, built-in Adobe Photoshop effects, finer transparency controls, and support for 3D Photoshop artwork.

Preflighting and production
Speed up production, enjoy the ability to export PDFs in the background as you continue to work, and deliver error-free documents with live preflighting, document-installed fonts, JDF technology, presets, and onscreen controls.

Create powerful automated workflows to reduce the time you spend on repetitive layout tasks. Incorporate database-driven content for greater efficiency when publishing across channels.

Rapidly build unique workflows and software solutions for custom publishing using InDesign Markup Language (IDML), an XML-based file format that enables developers to create or modify files using standard XML tools.

Collaboration in editorial workflows
Improve collaboration between design and editorial teams with tight integration between InDesign CS5 and Adobe InCopy CS5 software.

Download, Part 1
Download, Part 2

Mirror, Part 1
Mirror, Part 2

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PDF-XChange Viewer 2.0.44

4 01 2010
PDF-XChange Viewer è un visualizzatore di files PDF, che aggiunge caratteristiche interessanti:
  • Aggiungi Commenti e Note a qualsiasi file pdf
  • Markup di pagine con testi e commenti
  • Scrive direttamente su file pdf in Typewriter mode.
  • Esporta pagine o interi file PDF in qualsiasi formato immagine supportato tra i quali BMP, JPEG, TIFF, PNG .
  • Estrae testo da una pagina/file PDF
  • Semplifica la lettura di grandi file con le funzioni ‘Loupe’ e ‘Pan’
  • Compila e salva form Adobe su disco, email o ‘post’ !
  • Javascript Engine incluso
  • Supporto JPEG2000 Compression aggiornato – velocita’ migliorata.
  • Molte altre features quali Rotate and ‘Save’, Email files etc…

Il download include file di help e manuale.

Norman Malware Cleaner 11.05.2009

12 05 2009

Norman Malware Cleaner e’ un programmino indispensabile che riconosce e rimuove malware specifico (2.316.442 varianti totali di virus nel suo database); non sostituisce un antivirus, ma e’ consigliato utilizzarlo una volta a settimana per essere sicuri di non avere qualche file che infetta il proprio sistema. Tra le altre opzioni:

  • kill running processes that are infected
  • remove infections from disk (including ActiveX components and browser helper objects)
  • reveal and remove rootkits
  • restore correct registry values
  • remove references created by malware in hosts file
  • remove windows firewall rules for malicious programs

E’ consigliato usare Norman Malware Cleaner in modalità provvisoria; eseguendolo da riga di comando, con il parametro /noclean trova i files infetti senza eliminarli (come fa di default). Successivamente, leggendo il file di .log si possono cancellare manualmente.


Flock 2.0.3 versione portable

29 12 2008


Flock, come ho già detto, è un browser (un programma per navigare su internet !) derivato da Mozilla Firefox da cui mutua velocità, sicurezza, la navigazione a tab (più schede in una sola finestra), e le estensioni, cui sono stati aggiunti strumenti e migliorie per migliorare l’esperienza coi cosiddetti social network

Vi basterà scaricare questa versione, standalone/portatile, estrarne il contenuto e clicckare sull’icona azzurrina di Flock

Oltre a Facebook, con Flock potete tenere d’occhio anche

e tanti altri…

Il fatto che sia standalone vi permette di tenerlo su una penna usb e portarlo sempre con voi..

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