iDeneb v1.5 10.5.7 per Intel/AMD !!!

17 07 2009
Wednesday, 15 July 2009 21:27
iDeneb v1.5 10.5.7 per Intel/AMD ( SSE2/SSE3):Developed by iHackintosh Team: Jack Layne, Cri900, Balduz84, Yufretti, iK@rus, Pikappa, Piper2, Eddie94.

Thanks to all the OSx86 developers.

For Help:

To develop and to maintain this Dvd and all our project, we use many time and money. If you like our jobs, you can help us! Make a donation on our site ( ).



  • This new version of iDeneb, improves the possibility to excute upgrade after post install.
  • If you been for do an Upgrade system and you have an error ( when the installation ends ) : “Impossible to use the partition as parition of boot” , ignored the messeage and restart, because all the package are installed correctly;


  • If you have a restart when you try to boot the dvd, you boot with flag at the F8 boot prompt: cpus=1;
  • Do Not Install the iDeneb Base System over an existing Base System! This could cause the failure of the installation! To always execute a fresh install;
  • If you been for do an upgrade system, deselect of principal system;
  • You can boot the dvd also with the kernel, Qoopz 9.7.0 with flag 970, Kernel AnV 9.6.0 with the flag anv and Kernel ToH 9.2.0 with the flag mach_toh;
  • Do Not Select more than one a drivers of the same type! For example, Do not select 2 Audio Drivers or 2 SMBIOS, this will in many cases cause the install to fail;
  • Vanilla 9.7.0 is default kernel;
  • Bootloader of default is Chameleon v2;
  • If you have based on AMD and/or SSE2 you must select an alternative kernel, advised kernel Qoopz 9.7.0;
  • If you use kernel Qoopz, AnV, Voodoo you don’t select the AMD Patch ;
  • If you use Voodoo Kernel you must select “Seatbelt Fix” under fix for resolve the problem of mount of an .dmg,.iso or .cdr;
  • If your system’s sound does not work even after installing the proper sound drivers there may be an issue with the System Preferences. Go to System Preferences Sound > Output > and make sure that “Internal Speakers” is chosen and not Headphones or something else;
  • If you have a NVidia Video Card you don’t select more than a injector. You can choice or NVinject, or NVKush, or NVdarwin;
  • If you have a problem with ACPI_SMC_PlatformPlugin.kext you can select ACPI_SMC_Fix under Fix Menu;
  • If you have a incompatible system with latest ACPI kext or you have a computer SSE2, you can select package ACPI/SSE2 Fix under Fix Menu;
  • If you have kernel panic and you don’t know what caused it, boot in verbose mode ( -v boot flag at the F8 boot prompt ) for visualize the error;
  • If you don’t know like resolve the error you can try install only based system with essential drivers ( Ex. Chipset Drivers ) without the “extra” drivers;
  • In some situations for the first boot it could be necessary to start with the flag – f for load the kext correctly;
  • If you haven’t select Video Drivers it could be necessary to start with flag -x;
  • If you are installing iDeneb on one of the Netbook in list, not to select no other drivers or patch;
  • Netbook Section is in update, for problem o for add others netbook to write on the official forum in section Netbook;

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