Flock 2.0 con MySpace !

16 10 2008

Ne parlavo giusto ieri ed ecco che Flock rilascia la versione ufficiale di Flock 2.0 ed aggiunge anche MySpace



Flock è lo strumento ideale per Facebook (ma non solo)

15 10 2008


L’esplosione di Facebook in Italia è in pieno svolgimento !

Ce ne stiamo accorgendo, noi iscritti della prima ora, dalla quantità giornaliera di richieste di amicizia da gente che non pensavi nemmeno sapesse accendere un pc.

A questi ultimi miei amici, il mio consiglio spassionato è di usare Flock

Flock, come ho già detto, è un browser (un programma per navigare su internet !) derivato da Mozilla Firefox da cui mutua velocità, sicurezza, la navigazione a tab (più schede in una sola finestra), e le estensioni, cui sono stati aggiunti strumenti e migliorie per migliorare l’esperienza coi cosiddetti social network

Vi basterà scaricare questa versione, standalone/portatile, estraetene il contenuto e clicckate sull’icona azzurrina di Flock

Prima di tutto installate due estensioni indispensabili come AdBlock Plus e il suo Filterset.g Updater così da adesso in poi navigherete senza pubblicità, poi andate su Facebook, vi loggate e vedrete comparire una barra arancione che vi chiederà se volete che Flock memorizzi il vostro account su FB; rispondete ovviamente di sì e adesso a destra cliccate sull’icona che ho cerchiato in rosso qui sotto

e vedrete comparire i vostri Amici in quella barra laterale.

Da li potrete avere sott’occhio tutto: status, media aggiunti, inviare un messaggio, uploadare foto…etc etc etc

Oltre a Facebook, con Flock potete tenere d’occhio anche

e tanti altri…

Il fatto che sia standalone vi permette di tenerlo su una penna usb e portarlo sempre con voi..

Flock + Firefox 3 = Flock 2.0b1 !!!

17 06 2008

Today we announced the Flock 2 Beta (one), which is powered by the same technology as Firefox 3. Flock 2 is fast, safe, and full of the Flock goodness you love. Please download the beta, take it for a test flight, and let us know what you think! Feedback, as always, can be submitted to http://www.flock.com/feedback.

Blog post about the Flock 2 Beta (one): http://flock.com/node/62538

Download Flock 2 Beta (one): http://www.flock.com/beta/download

Evan Hamilton
Flock Community Ambassador
evan at flock dot com

What to Expect

Powered by Mozilla

ATTENTION: This is a beta. Beta software is imperfect. If you are an existing Flock user, we highly suggest you back up your existing profile (bookmarks, feeds, passwords). Instructions for doing this are here.

Found bugs? Have suggestions?
We’d love to hear it (it’ll only make Flock better). Submit your feedback at http://www.flock.com/feedback. We strive to get to every email!

for being a Flock 2 test pilot!

Now you can have the best of BOTH worlds!

Flock 2 includes all of the award-winning Flock features that people are raving about, PLUS all of the enhancements introduced by the latest FireFox 3 technology from Mozilla.

  • New and improved security features – better!
  • Enhanced performance – faster!
  • Robust favorites and history handling – stronger!

Get More Info | View the Release Notes

Flock 2 encompasses a heck-ton of enhancements, and you can find out more in our series of articles about Flock and Firefox 3:

for being a Flock 2 test pilot!

Flock 1.2.1

2 06 2008

Flock 1.2.1 Release Notes and Known Issues

Flock 1.2 delivers a more personal experience of the web, where its users are in control and more connected to what’s important to them. By automatically managing updates and media from popular social services such as Facebook, Digg, Flickr, AOL Webmail, Yahoo! Mail, Gmail, YouTube, Pownce and Twitter, Flock makes sharing with friends and services drag-and-drop easy.

These Release Notes contain information about what’s new in this release as well as known issues that we’d like you to be aware of.

What’s New

New Features in 1.2

  • Digg has been integrated as a people service.
  • AOL Webmail has been added as webmail service.
  • Pownce has been added as a people service.
  • Several performance and stability enhancements have been implemented and several memory leaks have been fixed.

Known Issues

General Issues

  • Several Firefox extensions are known to be incompatible with Flock’s toolbar causing icons to be misplaced or missing.
  • Several plugins such as Macromedia’s Shockwave are not installed in a place where Flock can find them.
  • If Flock is uninstalled from a Vista machine, IE is not correctly set as the new default browser.

Import and Migration Issues

  • Importing after the initial installation will cause the people sidebar and the media to not show the correct content until after the Flock is restarted.
  • The January 2008 Vista upgrade can cause the import wizard to fail to launch during install. To import Preferences, Bookmars, History, Passwords and other data, please select “Import…” from the File menu.
  • Users that import bookmarks from FireFox may see extra seperators in the Favorites Manager.
  • Photos dragged to the uploader but not yet uploaded will not migrate when updating Flock.
  • The Yahoo! toolbar will not be imported from FireFox on the Mac Platform.

People Issues

  • Non-ASCII characters are not displayed correctly in Pownce.
  • The Digg Man flyout may appear in the wrong place.
  • Digg friends’ last dugg status will be cleared if the dugg article is older than 7 days.
  • If a story has only one Digg, the number (1) is not displayed in the Digg friend card.
  • Digging a page with multiple iframes may confuse the Diggman.
  • When a user logs into Digg or Pownce from the Accounts & Services sidebar, the green status light is missing.
  • Flock has been tested for Facebook users with up to two thousand friends. Beyond a thousand friends, unforeseen challenges may exist. Closing the People sidebar may return your surfing speed to normal. If you are incredibly popular with more than 2000 friends, we would love to hear about how the People sidebar is working for you. Please send your feedback to popularitycontest at flock.com.
  • Facebook friends will occasionally not show up in the people sidebar. To fix this problem, open the Accounts and Services sidebar (click on the key symbol) and find your Facebook account in the topmost field. Click on “Forget Account.” Then log back into Facebook, and your friends should appear in the people sidebar.
  • Facebook friends’ avatars sometimes show a black icon.
  • Clearing your Twitter status causes an alert to show up indicating “An Error Updating Your Status”. Twitter does not allow an empty status message.
  • Logging out of Twitter from Twitter’s web site doesn’t log Flock out from Twitter. The only way to really log out of Twitter is to forget the Twitter account from the Accounts & Services sidebar.

Webmail Issues

  • If AOL Webmail auto signoff is activated and after AOL has signed off from the website, checking for email via Flock will result in an AOL error message.
  • In AOL Webmail the Flock sharing breadcrumb will be below the users signatrue if it exists.
  • Two breadcrumbs may appear in the gmail compose window if you drag-n-drop an image onto the window before compose email’s breadcumb renders.
  • Yahoo! Mail may not work correctly with all sbcglobal.net accounts.
  • Yahoo! Mail Classic does not interpret unicode characters correctly. Users of Yahoo! Mail Classic will see “???????” in the webmail flyout.

Media, Mediabar and Uploader Issues

  • When tagging Facebook photos in the Photo Uploader, all tags are removed after deleting one of them.
  • When adding tags to Facebook photos in the Photo Uploader, double clicking on the picture will duplicate the the entries in the tag list.
  • When creating a Picasa account using Flock, the initial Mediabar message indicates an error. This error will go away after clicking on Picasa’s terms & services and then reloading the Mediabar.
  • Uploading a small, rotated photo to Facebook can cause Flock to display an error.
  • If the Photo Uploader is interrupted during the upload process, a “There was an invalid response from server” error is displayed.
  • Drag’n Dropping a non supported file onto the Photo Uploader on Mac 10.5 causes and error dialog that cannot be dismissed to appear.
  • The Media Magic bar does not show up when mousing over a Picasa video.
  • Drag’n Dropping a Picasa picture from the Mediabar or My World to the “Post Link” button in the people sidebar when showing Facebook people causes a Facebook error: “You are using a browser that is not fully supported.”
  • Some valid Flickr accounts are not discoverable through the media search bar.
  • Picasa private photos are still viewable even after a user has logged out.
  • Due to a Picasa limitation, photos larger than 20MB or 16,000 pixels cannot be uploaded.
  • While logged into Picasa, search based streams will not show owner’s private photos.
  • Scrolling too fast through Picasa photos in the media bar can cause the error: “There was an error in the servie to prevent your request.”
  • Uploading photos with two capital cyrillic characters to Picasa causes Flock to throw an error and stops the upload from proceeding.
  • When rearranging thumbnails in the Photo Uploader they can not be placed at the end of the stream.
  • Whene deleting all photos from an account My World will continue continue to show photos from that account.
  • Non english characters entered in the Photo Uploader are not displayed correctly in Picasa.
  • When uploading to any media service, immediately afterwards, the user account’s name will not be visible at the top of the Media Stream dropdown.
  • When uploading to Facebook, if no album is specified, the photo will be uploaded to a default album for the application, which will be created if necessary. Regular albums have a size limit of 60 photos. Default application albums have a size limit of 1000 photos.
  • When uploading photos to Piczo, photos uploaded to the “New Pictures” album will not appear in the media bar. They will, however, be visible from Piczo’s website.
  • Flock is unable to upload files with the “.jpeg” extension to Piczo.
  • We have seen occurances where Flock cannot upload to Piczo because subalbums cannot be retrieved.
  • Drag and dropping a photo from your desktop to the blog editor will not work if the photo is being uploaded to Piczo.
  • Accessing own private Photobucket photos when not logged in to Photobucket does not bring you to the Photobucket login page.
  • Some Truveo search terms cause Flock to return the error: “You appear to have lost your internet connection”.

Favoriting Issues

  • Adding a favorite to a folder will also add the favorite at the top level.
  • Flock will not auto discover your account when logging into Ma.gnolia using your Facebook account ID.
  • If your computer’s clock is too slow or fast, you may experience errors when publishing your favorites to Del.icio.us or Ma.gnolia.
  • Drag’n Dropping online favorites to local favorites does not sync the online favorite locally.
  • After restoring default chrome settings the Favorites icon does not work until after the browser is restarted.
  • Dragging a feed to the Favorite’s toolbar will result in a broken feed.

Blogging Issues

  • Depending on your blog service, Drag and drop video may not work as expected. Services that do work are Blogger and Xanga. WordPress will show a link. Services that don’t work include Typepad and Live Journal.
  • If you are a Xanga blogger, please log in from the the Accounts & Services sidebar. There is currently an issue when logging in from the blog editor, you won’t be able to publish your post.
  • Replacing a Blogsome blog entry does not work correctly.
  • Replacing a self-hosted WordPress blog entry does not work correctly.

Other Issues

  • When using Hotmail in plain text, dragging a picture from the media bar the email recipient will receive blank content.
  • Flock does not prompt the user with a “Remember Account” notification bar when logging in to a related Google service such as Picasa and Blogger using a Googlemail.com account.
  • Drag’n Dropping nested folders in the Web Clipboard does not work correctly.
  • Selection of a single entry in the Web Clipboard does not getting high lighted correctly.
  • Cannot delete a clipping from the Web Clipboard if it is nested in a folder. The clipping must be moved out of the folder first.
  • Due to the mime type set by Picassa, when clicking on a shared Picasa URL a dialog box opens to save or open the photo.
  • The subject field will be blank when Drag-n-Dropping a Picasa photo onto a YouTube compose message.

Send love and postcards to 805 Veterans Blvd., Suite 307, Redwood

Download per Windows (installer)

Download per Windows (standalone)

Download per MacOSX

Download per Linux

Flock aggiornato a 1.1.4 / Versione 1.2 in arrivo (Digg la novita’)

15 05 2008

Hey Flockstars,

Late last night we discovered that Facebook had changed some of their code and thus broke the Facebook integration in the People sidebar. We have fixed this bug and released Flock 1.1.4 to http://www.flock.com. Auto-updates will go out later tonight. You can get the details here: http://flock.com/node/62101 Thanks for your patience!

In happier news, Flock 1.2 is coming soon! Check out what is coming up in Flock and give us a Digg: http://digg.com/software/Flock_social_web_browser_adds_Digg_Pownce_and_AOL_Mail

We also won a Webby last week, so it’s been quite an exciting month so far! Stay tuned…things will only get more exciting as we roll the 1.2 public beta out to you!

Evan Hamilton
Flock Community Ambassador
evan at flock dot com

Se ancora non conoscete Flock leggete qua e SVEGLIATEVI !!

Flock 1.1.3 Eco-Edition – (la usa Guy Kawasaki !!!)

23 04 2008

Sono abbonato ai feed del Blog di Guy Kawasaki – How to change the world e oggi scopro che anche lui usa Flock come browser di default ! E che con l’uscita della Eco-Edition si puo’ anche fare del bene alla Terra e a noi stessi..

Pertanto correte a scaricare la nuova versione di Flock  !

Flock 1.1.3 (Windows Eco-Edition)

Flock 1.1.3 (Windows Standalone)

Flock 1.1.3 (Linux)

Flock 1.1.3 (Mac OS)

Per chi non conoscesse Guy Kawasaki ecco qui il suo Visual CV. ( Software Evangelist mi fa impazzire..)

Fring sull’iPhone !!

16 04 2008

Roma – Mentre molti utenti iPhone attendono con impazienza l’arrivo della versione firmware 2.0 per arricchire il loro gioiellino di nuovi software (senza hacking, si intende), Fring rilascia, a sorpresa, una versione della propria applicazione mobile VoIP e Instant Messaging utilizzabile sul melafonino.

Prima ad aver creato un client sperimentale per chiamare in VoIP con l’iPhone, era stata Truphone, ma con questo inatteso rilascio, seppur rigorosamente in beta, Fring anticipa tutti i competitor.

fring_iphone1A differenza di altri servizi, come ad esempio Jajah, che al momento richiedono di accedere ad una pagina web mediante il browser del telefono, Fring ha sviluppato un’applicazione nativa che permette di utilizzare dal proprio iPhone i servizi VoIP ed Instant Messaging di Skype, MSN, GTalk, ICQ e Yahoo!, così come già possibile sui terminali Nokia e Windows Mobile.

Il software permette anche di utilizzare un provider SIP per effettuare chiamate verso telefoni fissi o mobili, sfruttando i servizi e le tariffe offerte da provider come VoipDiscount o Euteliavoip. È inoltre possibile utilizzare allo stesso scopo il proprio traffico SkypeOut.

Al momento, il client è in pre-release e Fring si aspetta di ricevere feedback dagli utilizzatori per migliorare le funzionalità e la stabilità dell’applicazione in previsione del lancio della versione definitiva.

5sml.jpgPer utilizzare il software è necessario avere un iPhone aperto (jailbraked), capace di installare applicazioni di terze parti, ed una connessione WiFi. Il processo di installazione richiede pochi minuti ed è ampiamente descritto sul sito di Fring che, come consuetudine, ha preparato anche un video.

Nelle nostre prove la qualità audio si è rivelata molto buona, migliore di quanto offerto dallo stesso software sui alcuni terminali Nokia. La funzionalità di Instant Messaging multi-protocollo è anch’essa ben sviluppata, anche se necessita di qualche miglioria dal punto di vista dell’interfaccia: manca la possibilità di gestire in modo efficace le conversazioni attive (non ci sono tab o finestre per ogni conversazione e ritornare a quelle attive risulta un po’ laborioso).

L’applicazione rimane attiva in background anche dopo la pressione del tasto “home”, permettendo quindi di svolgere altre attività sul telefono rimanendo connessi ai network IM e VoIP e quindi in grado di ricevere chiamate e messaggi istantanei.

L’ottimo supporto WiFi presente sull’iPhone ne fa un dispositivo perfetto per l’utilizzo del VoIP e in particolare di questa applicazione. Resta solo da augurarsi che sia presto possibile utilizzare connessioni dati GPRS o 3G, in particolare con la prossima versione dell’iPhone con connettività HSDPA, che sarà presentata tra meno di due mesi. La stessa Apple ha escluso questa possibilità, dichiarando che applicazioni VoIP sull’iPhone sarebbero state permesse, ma solo per l’utilizzo via WiFi.

Alessandro Ferrazzi

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